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I've decided to create a new Fingerstyle EP again. This time with much better quality.
Here's the thing: I need your help. I want a crisp, gorgeous acoustic sound for my recordings, and I can't decide if the tone I have now is good enough and would appeal to my listeners. I've had people tell me that they love the sound I have now, and others say I can do much better for the style the song is in.

My setup:
Recording the acoustic out loud through a Blue Yeti mic, then mix in FL Studio.
I'm trying to save up enough money to buy more quality recording gear, but for now I have to make due.

Please take 5 minutes of your time to give it a listen.
Pros/cons? Any feedback/criticism would be much appreciated.
And, of course, C4C! If you comment on my SC page, i'll also comment back.
If you support/donate through Bandcamp (even if just a little), I will love you forever.
Saving up to start up a little home studio right now.
Thanks for taking the time to listen!
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Damn fine playing. I wish I could finger pick like that - I learned the bad habit of using thumb and index finger only...

I actually didn't care much for the piano, but it didn't get in the way so was no big deal. Very pretty songwriting too, many great performing musicians aren't always the best at writing nice melodies and interesting work.

Did you do this in one sitting? It sounds very clean and like a one off, like you can play this anytime after a couple minutes warming up. Good job.

C4C? It's not "pretty" like yours, rather it's chaotic acoustics and heavy guitars sharing the same space... The Phobium
Quote by Voda La Void
Did you do this in one sitting? It sounds very clean and like a one off, like you can play this anytime after a couple minutes warming up. Good job.

Thanks! And yes, this was done in a single sitting.
After a good couple minutes of warming up, I can play this in it's full.
Wow. I'm honestly blown away by this. That acoustic track was absolutely beautiful and sounded incredible. Amazing work. I'd love a little insight into what you used to record, because it sounds absolutely amazing. I would be very proud of this track. Nice work!

Gave you a follow and a like on soundcloud
Sounds great! Masterfully played, and I wouldn't worry about the recording quality at all. Although the guitar in the beginning should really have been panned more in the middle, not to the right. I guess you did it because of the piano, but I think it would be better if the guitar were panned center and the piano anywhere else (because the guitar is playing the whole time and the piano is just a detail).
Anyway, having that said, I can't stress enough how awesome this is. It's atmospherical and really exciting overall, it didn't bore me in the least. It's one of the best things I've heard on this website and on Soundcloud. I started following you!

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1631361 Thanks!

EDIT: listened again, decided to repost on my SC. Really good stuff man, you can be proud.
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wow, you are acoustic genius for me, believe me, I played classical guitar few years, and I know what I am saying, hehe
I admire your classical guitar skills, congrats
maybe you should use a little less reverb settings to make your gorgous guitar more selective? just suggesting...
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@Soldier Poet:
I did actually experiment with panning centersome, but it didn't really have the effect I felt the track needed. If I panned it in the center, the space around the guitar (left and right channels) would go unused and sound dry very quickly. I do appreciate your criticism though. I'm glad you like the song! I've worked hard on this for the longest time. I just reviewed your thread. And thank you for the repost! Following you.

I wish I could play well classically. I honestly suck in that genre, haha. Believe me, i've tried and failed. I'm still experimenting with reverb in these originals. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my music!
Man. I am absolutely awestruck, already at the intro. And from then on one brilliant phrase just replaces another, they just keep coming, and it never gets too "flashy" or technical. It is all wonderfully organic with little "flaws" here and there that just serves to highlight the emotions that this song conveys so strongly. Art is f****ng magic, make no mistake, and it can truly transform the reality around the practitioner and participants: I try to focus on the technique to be able to give some sort of useful feedback, but find that I'm constantly drawn into the world of the song itself and forget to listen to the chords, arpeggios, hammer-ons and what-nots. No bad thing.

Hardly worth mentioning is the thought that perhaps some of the piano parts could be slightly reworked. Come to think of it, definitely not worth mentioning. I absolutely love this song as it is.

It would be cool with a full length record with instrumental acoustic work like this, and perhaps a couple of tracks, based around some of the themes from the instrumental ones, with a really skilled jazz singer (in the style of, say, Stina Nordenstam). :-)

Thanks for sharing, It'll be interesting to see what you can do in the future!
You certainly are a very skilled guitarist, I'll get that compliment out straight away. I think that your guitar sound is really beautiful, very clear and very crisp - no doubt as you intended. I can think of nothing I would change hear - great song.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1624189
this is lovely...and i don't use that word lightly, it's just that kind of song. i don't ever listen to this kind of music, but i enjoyed it. i like the structured parts of the song more than the noodling bits like in the beginning, but you must be pretty damn practiced at the guitar to pull that off in one sitting.

i'm kinda iffy on how the piano isn't in better sync with the guitar. i can appreciate the idea behind it, but in several places the mismatch is too much for me. but ignoring that, i like what the piano added. though you should give the center to the guitar and have the piano slightly off center.

i also agree with aaron aardvark, too much reverb. i think it detracts from the great performance.
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Dude, right off the bat i was like :O Such sick stuff, ive always envied fingerpickers. I wish i could do that. I just have never had the patience to sit down and really in deep practice that style be4. But really, this was a beautiful, ethereal sounding piece. So relaxing. I think you're probably the most talented guitarist ive heard on here. Tons of us can play electric, but theres no hiding on acoustic, and you just amazed me! keep it up man!
Wow, really impressive playing. Sounds real nice, really pretty in spots. There isn't really much I can say about this though, its amazing. One thing though, I wish the piano was a more in sync later in the song. I'm not sure how that happened but that's just a small thing really. Really nice stuff, I'm way into it
Thanks, everyone! Glad you like it so far. I've fulfilled C4C for those who have asked.
The keys were mostly improved on the spot whilst recording, so that's why most of it was a little out of sync. I very much appreciate those who have reviewed my music, so thank you!
Dude that was beautiful. You're an animal on that thing! I do wish the piano was more audible but like I said in the SC comments that could just be me. But if it helps you with more universal mixing, I was listening thru my MacbookPro stock speakers (pretty good laptop speakers). I also listened through some K44's and still thought the piano could come out a bit more. But that's minor. Excellent piece!
Wow, you really know your way around an acoustic guitar. I love the sound. I don't think you need to upgrade your setup too drastically. I appreciate the melodies and how the bass counteracts with them. I really don't have much to suggest you pulled off exactly what i think you wanted to achieve. Nice job and hope to hear more from you. Will follow and like.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1633150
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Thanks for the crit.

This is a really soothing song, nice stuff you've got there. The sound suited strumming better in my opinion, although it wasn't totally bad for the tapping part either. I'd try to get more body and presence for the tapping stuff. The timing could also be better on some parts but it doesn't bother that much. I very much dig some of the melodies and 'themes' you've been able to capture so keep up the good work!
Commenting as I go.

First thing I noticed was the mix is great - nice and loud, I don't need to blast my speakers to hear it (like I do with my own stuff).
The playing is great, loving it. Very technical, yet also sounds very ambient due to the reverb.

The part at 0.56 is great - great sound and melody here. Some of the notes aren't fretted properly, but it doesn't take away from the song to me.

The part at 2.02 sounds a lot like the Iris progression, still sounds mad though (I do love me some Goo).
The piano wasn't as good as the guitar, the melody isn't that interesting - I'd rather you played a little random lead-ish sorta stuff on the acoustic over it instead to be honest.

Overall, I really enjoyed it, great soothing melodies, played very well, and the sound of the acoustic is fantastic. The mixing is great.
I'd love to know exactly how you did it - did you record the acoustic through Edison on FL Studio? Or through another program?

I think the mix is great.
wow man just wow! your one has a really European highland tune/tone. I loved the track! and the reverb usage was great too (maybe add a very slight delay to imitate distant guitar playing?)
That sounds really good man. The playing is excellent and really helps emphasize the strengths of the piece. The constant build up and release of tension is great, potentiated by the varying intensity of the playing. The keys are a nice subtle touch, don't overpower the guitar in the least. Every time I felt like it could use vocals the guitar would do something cool or switch it up and I'd change my mind. Acoustic stuff tends to be really bright for my tastes but this was nice and warm. Very cool.
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I actually liked the reverb, someone said it was a little heavy but to me that was a nice addition, it wasn't overwhelming, just kind of complemented your amazing finger playing! I am only 2 and a half minutes in but it is gold! it sounds clear and very crisp.

The music I have written like this on guitar comes out sounding computerized and very digital, this actually sounds like something out of august rush, what is your secret? lol

the only critisizm I could think of is maybe adding some drums or a bass guitar to get the root note to support your changes. this would be a great song with 16 bar verses, 8 bar chorus, and maybe a large bridge instrumental (only if that is what you are going for!)

Thank you so much on your feedback on my song too by the way. you are one hell of a guitar player!
Cheers for the feedback!

Great playing and technique, love how it starts off like you're warming up and then jump into the main melody. Liking the structure with the dramatically different-sounding bridge, wasn't sure if it was gonna work at first but I like how it turned out. Not sure about the piano in the background though, too muddy-sounding and could have done with some more flair about it. Mix-wise you've got a great tone captured, but it could do with a bit more low end imo, did you record it with mics and DI or just mics? The reverb is very well done too, reminds me of early Michael Hedges. Great job overall!
Impressive playing. Wish I could play like that. Very nice melodies. I, for one, quite liked the piano and the driving guitar chords. Very soothing music. Good job! As for the recording quality, I have no complaints. It's no pro recording, but it definitely gets the job done!

Very different style, but I still hope you'll have a listen to one of our new songs: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1634912
This was superb. I'm not usually a fan of this type of music to be honest, my attention span is quite short so usually (unless it's house music or something) I tend to lose concentration pretty fast with instrumental music.

I think the production on this was superb. It had a nice, uplifting feeling. It's recorded really well, fantastic playing and melodic. I can picture it on a soundtrack quite easily and the piano was a lovely touch. My personal favourite part is around 3:14 - just the way it hangs on before it goes back into the main motif. The whole song has quite a majestic feeling. Overall, very well done in all aspects.

Now following on Soundcloud. Also got the fright of my life as once it was done a heavy metal Bounty advert came on haha - also a good touch.

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