Hi guys, i came across this guitar while clearing out and we gonna give it to a friend or put it up on ebay as I have no plans on using it.

However i thought i'd find a guitar community and see if they know anything about it in case its some sort of vintage guitar that someone might want! (or it might be junk.. but might as well check - i hate seeing things im interested in being flogged away or thrown out!)

I tried to look it up and i think it might be a Wem Sapphire? But i haven't seen the colour.. pics below:

[sorry if this is in the wrong place, if it is please just move it or delete it if not allowed]

thanks guys let me know what you think
From the Watkins site it looks like a Sapphire 3
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Ah ok thanks, i thought it might be
I'll put it up on ebay because looking at previous listings it might actually go for around £100 or so!