I have been asked to provide group lessons to students...how much do I charge?

I just got asked randomly to be a guitar instructor once a week for an hour for elementary age school kids in a local school.

There will be 10-12 students in the group. I was asked how much I expect to be paid and I honestly have no clue.

Do I charge my typical hourly rate or do I charge more since there are so many students in the group?

Any experience with this?

Are you collecting from the students individually or is the school writing you a check?

I wouldn't charge more for the group, since you'll have to appeal to the lowest common denominator in your class and likely not reach the same amount of teaching you will have done one-on-one, so there's that.
Tell the school what you would normally charge per hour for one on one lessons, and then tell them you'll charge half that amount per student since it's a group lesson.

That seems reasonable to me.
You're lucky you get to choose how much to charge. Don't short yourself, charge what you think is fair for the effort. I was in the same situation and they paid me 9$ an hour......I only did two 45 minute lessons, so that was 1.5 hours. Thirteen dollars......I charge 20$ for a 30 minute private lesson. It was totally not worth my time, and children can be tricky to teach in a group.
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If you are qualified, then you should not work for less than $50 US per hour. You are going to have to declare it so IRS will want their share. If you were to work full time as a teacher what salary would this be? Is it what teachers are paid in the US? Thats's how to look at it.
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Im doing the same thing starting in March at a local school, they offered $25/hr since it's the first year they try this program.
Do you have any experience in working with kids? If not, this is a terrible idea.
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