I have a B-52 Stealth Series LG100a guitar Amplifier . The amp. had a humming feed back problem. I opened up the head case and searched for any obvious trouble, loose wires, bad grounds, burn and over heat conditions potentiometers, switches and plugs. When I plugged in the guitar and turned on the amp, there was a low output of sound. I checked all connections and cables all was good. I tapped on everything and nothing seemed to be intermittent (everything worked before I opened up the head case.
I checked the resistance on all the switches,looked for any damage I may have done and everything looks okay.
I can find no schematics or forum help for this B-52 head model. This is a LG 100a which is solid state not a tube amp. I can find plenty of information for the B-52 Tube amp.
Can any one help me with this malfunction? I don't want to spend money on a service technician. I could fix this problem if I had the proper schematic and a suggestion on troubleshooting. I have no idea where to begin to find whats broke. No smells or obvious trouble that I have seen.
I am a retired F-16 electrician, I have a decent repair shop in my basement. I would really appreciate any help or advice.
e-mail [ electenv@yahoo.com ]
telephone [812-249-3823 ]
Thank You,
I personally do not think it is worth diagnosing and fixing. You've already done the basic troubleshooting. Tracing out and replacing failed components on an SS amp are typically not worth the trouble on budget amps.

I personally love the B52 AT100 head. Unfortunately the whole line of amps has had quality problems.

FYI - you can get a used Peavey Vypyr Tube 60 for $250 and it is a superior amp.