Hi there, I'm really glad to be able to come and write my question here, looking for advice.

I recently recorded as a solo artist back in 2013. I've had some musicians come and record on top of what I've done it seems to work quite well.

Other than that, I can't seem to build an interesting environement so we can do some small gigs. Between some that are Learning, some that only want to play metal, some that only want to play open D, some that are singing out of key, and some that only want to produce on the final track, and me, singer/songwriter/guitarist, trying to keep it all together so that

A: Everyone is satisfied
B: We get harmony while working on my tracks
C: It doesn't sound like a sick whale for almost a year.

The positive side is everyone is satisfied working on my tracks, but I realise I have to shape the input and that's hard, musicians can be touchy and you have to not step on any toes or else they'll give you the two fingers.

So any advice about how to go ahead.
I am seriously considering just going ahead on my own until I find someone who would like to join me just doing some backup vocals, maybe a female voice. I think that should be fine and then take it from there.

I think all the people I have reunited at the moment 6 including myself all at different times, are all individuals and that's why it's not working.

There has never been talk about a group, I'm not hot on the idea, I would just like some musicians to accompany me with my music, and see where it goes.

Is it too much to ask?
Thanks for reading, I'd love any response, I've been thinking about this for some time.

Im not sure what you are asking here. You want to play gigs with all the musicians that contributed on your album?

If i were you, i would just look for people that would play my music live, like a backing band. You dont necesarily need the actual guys who played on the album.
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That's what I'm looking for, is a backing band, that's exactly it.

I'm satisfied with what is happening on my recorded tracks, I'm only down to 3 or 4 musicians at most, and it sounds good.

Now the next step as clearly stated in the last response is to build a backing band.

That is the direction I'm going to take now. Once my tracks are finished I will give them to the other musicians and see which one of them is interested in following me on my quest to do some small gigs as an artist with a back up band.

Thanks for the advice, it's much clearer.
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Mmm Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails instantly come to mind, he has always been a perfectionist in complete charge. It can definitively work out. Be clear right from the beginning, they have to know and accept that it is your music and it is gonna be your way.
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Sounds liike you need a "pay-to-play" band

.....basically you need a finished produkt and some go to guys when it´s gig time....it´s in an essence "live"-studio musicians that your after.

This way you get to call all the shots and change the line up according to your needs. The downsides is a regular band will go through thick and thin and basically play for free too get "they´re" music out there....be prepared to pay when it´s "your" music though.

I have a friend that works this way...he writes his own material, puts it together with other instuments and musicians in the studio and hires when it´s gig time, basically sending them what they´ll be playing Before hand and they´re expected to learn it on their own. They then they do a quick rehearsal before game time and usually do 20-30 gigs with that set (adding along the road if they find "covers" they like.
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