So, I got myself a Gibson SG Menace yesterday, and the guitar is really good, very resonant 1-piece body and such, but the bridge and the tailpiece on that guitar are pieces of crap, they are heavy, low-quality, cheap feeling pieces of pot metal.

I have been searching the web for a while, and decided that I need a steel Nashville TOM and either an aluminium or a steel tailpiece. I also want no modifications done to the wood. I have found nice bridges from Callaham, however, they do not offer a black-finished version, and I don't want to have hybrid hardware on my guitar, so please tell me if you know any bridges like this.


Here's one. I'm a little confused though... unless Gibson cheaped out on that particular model it should have a real Gibson Nashville bridge. Not sure why you would need to change it unless you really want a bridge that locks down which really only helps with string changes. I'm not convinced it does anything for sustain like the ad says.
FYI, one piece bodies don't give you any more resonance than 2 or 3.

But the bridge on that guitar shouldn't need to be changed. The bridge and tailpiece are aluminium and they're made absolutely fine. I seriously doubt you'll ever hear a difference between steel and aluminium, the only real difference is that steel rusts. And locking bridges won't make a difference to your tone either, it'll just make your guitar slightly easier to restring.
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^^ Actually I'd think they'd be zamac (a zinc alloy).
OP yes steel is a more expensive material but that doesn't mean it'll sound better. STeel bridges can really brighten the hell out of your guitar's tone. If that's what you're after OK but these generalizations that such & such a material is automatically better are not always true.

Another example everyone thinks a bone nut is always better than any other nut cause it's a natural material. However nuts change the tone of open strings, so when you play a chords combining open strings and fretted notes, you want the strings to blend nicely and sometimes that means a different nut material.

By the way the 50's Bursts had a zamac ABR1 bridge, aluminum tailpiece & nylon nut. Didn't seem to hurt their tone not having stainless steel bridge or a bone nut
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Yes, these are zamak, and are cheaply made, with poor finishing and loose saddles. I am not dead set on steel. For example, I saw a Gotoh zinc bridge the other day, practically the same thing but made so much better. Unfortunately, I would need to make some modifications to the guitar since Gotohs are metric.
But, a lighter weight tailpiece is definitely a plus and I don't mind if it makes the guitar sound brighter.
I've never had a problem with Gibson's TOM bridges whatsoever, but if you say so.
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I agree, Gibson uses good quality parts there should be no need to swap anything on that guitar.

If you must change it www.stewmac.com has a pretty good selection of parts but black is harder to find
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