Does anyone have any experience recording Cabinet IRs? I've been experimenting with various IRs in logic using the Space Designer and I'm interested in making an IR for my own cabinet.

I've got the Apple Impulse Response Utility (if anyone here is familiar with that). I was looking at the users manual and it said that you could run the sine signal directly from the line out of my interface into the FX return of my amp (I don't have a power amp atm) and record the cabinet via a mic. However I'm a bit worried that the impedience of my interface might be too much for my amp to handle. Would running the signal through the FX return be alright? Or should I just go ahead and get a reamp box?
There are youtube tutorials for this kinda thing.
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Line level brother.
Plug the line output into the fx return and run the thing.
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Guitar amps' power amps are made to be overdriven so even if the impedance was too much it wouldn't really do harm to the whole thing.

Also reamp boxes are designed to raise a signal's impedance to adapt it to a guitar amp's input, which is something you don't wanna do to get a clean impulse response from your cab.
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