So let me start off by saying, I'm going to look extremely ignorant by not knowing about this, however I have only really used combos in the past do to space limits.

Anways, about a year ago I got a great deal on a Fender Bassman on craigslist. It is a silverface, however it does have the drip edge, and I believe it is fairly early on in the silverface era. I know the tube charts are usually rather inaccurate on these. Anyways, I have been playing it with the cab he gave me with it, which is a peavey bass cab, and 1 15 inch speaker (it also has two ten inches, however those are not hooked up). NOw I basically don't have any experience with mathcing up cabs to heads, and all I know is that this one has worked fine for countless gigs.

Basically, it is a pretty cheap cab, and I feel like thats something I want to upgrade. I am having trouble finding the output (rating,ohms?) for this haed. Does anyone have any information regarding this, and overall reccomendations for a cab, that would not be super cheap sounding, however not ridiculously expensive.

I will provide anymore info you need, it is currently at my gig space, however it wouldnt be hard to go check.

Thanks again, and excuse my ignorance
I just got done servicing a 1967 Silverface Bassman. Your amp probably has 4 ohm out impedance for speaker cabinets but your amp can safely run on 8 (and maybe even 16 but I wouldn't risk it).

Can you determine the impedance of the speaker by looking at it.

Also - on 'most' of the transformers of that time had a dating code built into the two numbers. Look at the numbers on those. Here are mine as an example.

Output Transformer is: 606-730
Power Transformer is: 606-728

If you have a multimeter (or volt meter) you can measure the ohms in a very general and unexact way - but reliable nonetheless.

I'd be happy to try to help with any other questions you may have.
the dripline would place it in the 68 to 69 era.

silverface bassman amps should be 4 ohm nominal output

the cab sounds like a peavey 1516 (this had 1x15 and 2x8). i am unsure if they made one with 2x10 instead of 2x8, maybe you can do a rough measure of the speakers to confirm this information.

if this is correct then the cabinet should be 4 ohms, it seems they wired the two smaller 8 ohm speakers together in parallel and wired it with a crossover to the 4 ohm 15" speaker. evidently you were able to use the 8" speakers separate from the 15" or there was a 'full range' mode where you could use all the speakers at once. either way you used it each input was 4 ohms.

so basically it looks like you impedances match between your 15" speaker and you silverface bassman. you may still want to measure the impedance off the speaker (it should be around 3.2 ohms on the multimeter).

if i were to get a cab for an old bassman i would probably go with a 2x12 of 8 ohm speaker wired in parallel (for a 4 ohm total impedance). i would probably use some D-120 copy or a clone of some old jensons, if i could find some EVM-12L's then i'd do that. i don't know what you play, if it is more modern stuff then maybe a texas heats might be preferred.
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Thanks for the responses. Sorry this is bringing back an old thread, but i've been away from a computer. Basically I'm looking for something pretty versatile, as the 1 15 inch i have right now is really muddy and definitely not bringing the bassman to its full potential.

I love the cleans of the bassman, however also run a few pedals through it. I'm running a fuzz factory, and an ocd for od.

Metal tones are not important, but a good raucnhy blues tone is. As I said, my overall sound varies, in one of my bands I'm going for an obnoxious sound often tied in with the fuzz factory. Another, blues/rock. And also a punk band, which is least important on the tone list..

I'm really not sure where to begin, I've searched craigslist (pittsburgh), but I am looking for something under $400 ( closer to 300 would be preferable). I also looked new, and saw the laney gs212ie was reasonably priced. Any reccomendations would be greatly appriciated. If i find something a little more expensive, selling my current cab could potentially boost my budget a bit
The laney gs212ie is switchable between 8 and 16 ohms. You need a 4 ohm cab. Your amp can work with an 8 ohm cab, but it has to work harder.

I have a friend who got a similar amp lately. He tried it on an 8 ohm speaker and he was happy with the sound (it was a 2x12 stereo cab with separate mono jacks). I asked him to put the two speakers in parallel to make it 4 ohms and he said that the sound was better.

What you need is a 2x12 with 8 ohm speakers each and wired in parallel. Power for each speaker should be at least 50 watts.
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