I've been trying to write a song but just dont understand how to. People say to use scales and i learned the minor pentatonic scale and i have but what the **** am i supposed to do with that? i've gotten so ****ing irritated with it that i was so close to just smashing my ****ing guitar. What the **** are you supposed to do with the scales, changes em? and if so how, do you just move up a fret or some shit? its so ****ing annoying. i listened to songs that people say has the pentatonic scale and i dont hear it in there, how the **** do you get riffs off of these scales!!!!
You don't write a song with scales.

You write a song with what you hear in your head.
Learn a bunch of songs and after a while you'll just HEAR something in your head that is original. I doubt that any of the great fiction writers ever wrote anything before they read somEone else's work. Good luck
Learn about Harmony. This means which chords work best together. I don't know if you've heard of the CAGED system but it's the "starter pack" to song writing.
CAGED = Cmaj Amaj Gmaj Em Dm.

So you pick your chords, make a chord progression. EG:
G C G D, G C G D, C D G E, C D G G

Now choose your rhythm. Power chords? Strumming patterns?

Then after you've laid a rhythm track you can add lyrics or melodies.

This is when you use your scale. If you're making a melody and your song is in the key of Aminor..you can use
Amin ( A B C D E F G )
Aminor pentatonic (A C D E G)
Aminor blues (A C D Eb E G)

Now it's nice to know theory but the important thing is, every note you put in a song, give it a purpose. Don't just go "A IS A NOTE IN THIS SCALE HUHU I PLAY A". Instead go.."How does this note sound?.. what if I play this?" "What if I add vibrato? What if I bend up to this note?" What if I do a 3 note per string here, or a slide or a sweep or tapping or double stops or omg so many choices omgomgogm let's write dis
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