Hello. Is there anyway for me to edit tabs that have been previously submitted? I submitted a tab here and the spelling and grammatical mistakes are terrible. I do not know why I didn't read over it in the first place. In fact, I can't help but cringe when I read it. The actual tab itself is, for the most part fine. I just wish to fix those terrible spelling mistakes.

Also, would I be able to delete and resubmit the tab if there are no ways to actually fix the mistakes?
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Don't submit a new version of it, you can edit the one that's already been approved.

Press my profile at the top right of this page.

Go in to My Contributions under the User Menu at the left (under your profile pic if you have one).

Then press the Tabs tab,

and then to the far tight to update.

After updating it may take a few days but will eventually be changed