What's the best VST synthesizer so that I can make new timbres and stuff? Right now I'm using this one called Synth1, and I like it, but it's confusing! I need to learn more. Is it a good synth to use? I want to know before I learn more to know if I should spend time on it.
Depends what you want to use it for. Different ones are more adept at different sounds than others. Right now I'm using a combination of Sylenth1, FM8, Massive and all the built in Logic ones and am pretty happy with what I'm getting.

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I like sounds that don't sound too "Robotic" If that makes sense. Like I don't like pings and dings but I do like Hums and wahs.
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I don't like pings and dings but I do like Hums and wahs.


get a moog copy or something from arturia or native instruments pro 53
I'm using a free MiniMoog copy called Minimogue that might be able to do some of that kind of thing. The interface is basically the same as a MiniMoog, so you kinda need to know a bit about analogue synths.

I, too, am always interested in learning about new VSTs I can use!
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It depends on what you want.

I saw you made a thread about Sound Design a day or two ago. I would advise you to first read more about it. Because you can do wicked things with Absynth and FM8, but if you don't really know what everything does you'll just randomly do things and hope something will get out of it.

Start reading things about envelopes, filters, granulators, shape shifters etc.

About the pings and dings, that's how those oscillators sound. If you want hums and wahs you have to automate the pitch, filters and everything.
can't go wrong with a volcano. Magic flight launch box is ok too.
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This would probably be more suited to the Recordings forum, where there is already a sticky thread to discuss VST recommendations.
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Synth1 is pretty good for a free vst. I think if you find that confusing then you'll find a lot of synths confusing, it's alright though it's just like learning an instrument.

Maybe mess around with different kind of waves, then mess around with the Amp and filter. If you like 'hums and wahs' then try and make paddy sounds using the amp envelope is one of the first things I did when getting use to synths.