Hey guys. I'm using a Blackstar HT 5 Metal at the moment and I've never had the opportunity to utilize anything like an emulated output. I'm looking at recording some things into Garageband (or other software) using my Apogee Jam. I'm unsure of how to set this up so I can use all these tools together. Just wondering if anyone has experience or knows exactly how to do this !

I'm also on the market for decent recording/production software, as well as a drum machine software to. Not looking to spend fortunes, just enough to make a difference from Garageband.

Thanks !
Garageband is totally acceptable software, no need to switch unless you think there's something you don't like about it. For drum software I think Sennheiser DrumMic'A works with Mac, and it's completely free so check that out (if you can navigate the german signup page to register it).
You're on a mac, if you don't like garageband get logic already.
Though from what you wrote, I'd stick to garageband.

You can just go like - line out from the amp -> jam input -> computer
Garageband comes with some drum samples, you probably prefer them to a drum machine.
DrumMic'a is good and it's free, though you need Kontakt Player which is a pain in the ass - since you're at the beginning and DrumMic'a doesn't even sound that better than garageband's drum sounds though it's funnier if ya know how to use it, stick to garageband.
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Emulated -> Jam -> Computer then does that mean I just plug my guitar into the regular output and set up Jam as if I were plugging my guitar directly into it ?
Well, if your Jam has a similar software application to the one Apogee use for their bigger interfaces, such as my Duet (the software in question is called Maestro 2, now) then you should have the option to switch between Instrument level and Line level (I don't recall the Jam having an XLR attachment so it won't have the various XLR options, I presume)?

For the emulated output, this would probably be line level (you can probably find this out in the instruction manual for the amp... but if the emulated output is designed for headphones it would suit line level) and that will allow the best gainstaging between the emulated output and the Jam.

Other than that, there's not much too it - set any gain for the Jam so it isn't clipping at all (no red lights on the metering!) and has a decent enough level to allow your notes to sustain, and then make the track record ready (can't remember if Garageband has input monitoring and record enable as the same button, as I use Logic which is similar but more in-depth and has them separate) and you'll hear the sound coming into the DAW and out your speakers
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Thanks, Disarm Goliath ! I will try it out tomorrow evening and see how she goes !
So the Apogee Jam actually doesn't include any software, it's a direct Instrument -> Garageband interface. Tried connecting my Emulated to the Apogee and my guitar into the main input and it worked through my computer speakers, but Garagebands recording track didn't pick it up ! I'm also open to picking up a new recording software as long as it doesn't cost an arm and a leg !
Have you set your input device in Garageband as the Apogee Jam?
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Yup. Followed the directions right out of the manual as I thought I initially made a mistake doing it by memory ! It's weird that I can find anything online about this setup, it's quite an affordable rig for home playing/recording.
See if you need to turn on something called input monitoring. Which version of Garageband are you using/how old is your Mac?
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There's no reason that shouldn't work. Apogee stuff is basically built with Logic in mind, and by extension, Garageband (since it's a lite version of Logic).

It sounds like you don't have input monitoring turned on or something simple like that. I'm sure it will work for you as soon as you find some elusive switch somewhere
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It works, just need to adjust the volume fairly high on the track ! Cranked the gain on the Jam and noticed she was cutting through well ! Thanks for all the help guys !
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It works, just need to adjust the volume fairly high on the track ! Cranked the gain on the Jam and noticed she was cutting through well ! Thanks for all the help guys !

Ah, the old 'volume knob was turned down' problem. Happens to the best of us, more often than we'd like to admit hahaha
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Could be worse, I use Planet Waves Circuit Breaker leads, and they have an on/off (or mute, effectively) switch at one end. On a couple of occasions I've gone to play something, live, and realised in an instant that I forgot to press/somehow knocked the switch and wasn't 'on'. Fortunately, it's only happened once during a gig (about to start playing in intro and had to pretend I was testing something before actually playing, lol) as I usually leave it 'active' after soundcheck haha.
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I'm using those cables too, it's extremely hard to use them with my Alexi-200, the way you have to hold it while sitting is a sure fire way to switch the cable off !