Hey guys, I am new to this site, I am 26 I've been playing guitar since the 4th grade and I recently had my house broken into and all my music gear stolen so now all I have is a campfire acoustic.......

I am currently unemployed due to a few surgeries I can no longer labor so I want to stop being a depressed little ^&#$ and get back into playing softer music to relax more instead of playing thrash and death metal all the time.

I am looking for a list of at least 10 songs that I could learn at a moderate/advanced level and w I am good at exploring myself and have a lot to choose from but would really like a top 10 acoustic list of songs that make you guys feel good. Ive been told for years to play in a band, I have jammed with many artists of differnt genre and could really use a new social community within the music world.

Thank you for your time posting to this thread! cheers and peace!!!!!
How's it going mate. Look at the top of the forum, there is a sticky "suggest me a song". Please repost your question there.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.