Hey, so I was intonating my guitar last night. All strings worked out fine, EXCEPT for the E and A strings! They're still a little bit sharp when I fret the 12th fret, but the problem is that there is no more space to move the saddle back. Can somenody help me?

I have a Floyd Rose Special, on the LTD MH-327.
50-10 string gauges.

Also I would like to add that I changed the saddles two months ago, to original Floyd Rose saddles.
Wow. What is it with all the intonation questions at the minute?

Presumably you failed to see this thread just a little way down the board and this one a little further still. Have a quick look at those, they may have some useful information for you.

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What tuning are you using? a 50 is really thick for anything over D tuning. That will make the thick strings sharp because of the tension.

I'm playing in drop C tuning, so I don't think that should be a problem!