I've been playing Acoustic guitar for sometime now. Now that I want to start playing electric guitar, I'm totally confused in buying a electric one. As there seems to be lot of gear along with the guitar.

I would like to know which one should I buy for the beginning and also about amplifier, pedal and all the gear.

Pleases give me suggestions as to what I should buy. .

I like playing rock,metal more..

Thank you.
A lot of it depends on your budget, after all you can only afford what you can afford.

However my standard suggestion for getting started is always a Yamaha Pacifica and a Roland Microcube.
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^Either what stevenseagull said or a Squier Classic Vibe and Fender Mustang 1.
Other than this, we really can't recommend anything else without knowing your,

preferences as in body shape, brand
current gear.
I wouldn't worry too much about pedals yet. Focus on the amp and a guitar that feels comfortable to you.
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I started with an Ashton guitar that, while wasn't bad to play also wasn't that amazing. I got my first "real" guitar (my Schecter Omen 6) and started playing a LOT more. It's worth spending more on a guitar (not all out $600+ or anything) as if it feels better to play, you'll want to play it.
^Looks are also important. Imagine your sitting in your room or whatever and your guitar has a AAAAA flame maple top. You'll want to have it in your hands and always want to be playing. Spend as much as you can on the guitar. People say tone comes from the amp but you will develop a sort of bond with your guitar faster than a bond with your amp. You can get a headphone amp for not much. Go for the Vox head phone amps. Sorry for the wall of text.
Different guitars produce different sounds. Look at the guitars used by your favorite bands, maybe that is the sound you are looking for. Search youtube for these guitars and listen to how they sound. Basically you will be choosing between humbuckers (thicker tone) and single coils. You can start by listening to les paul, strat, and tele style guitars.

Once you know what type of sound you want, you can then select the brand and model. Do not concern yourself with a pedal yet. A modeling amp will give you an idea on the characteristics of different amp models.
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