I've just finished building my new bass rig and I wanted to share it on the forums and would love to hear what everyone else is using and maybe get some more ideas, starts with an ampeg svt 3 pro bass head, sansamp bass driver rbi ( running through the effects loop), korg dtr 1000 rackmount tuner, line 6 g90 wirless system, furman power conditioner and running into a ampeg 810 cab, I love to play punk style music, love a dirty, bassy, low mid tone. I would love to hear what everyone else is running, also I play a fender 50's series precision bass and a American standard precision bass.

Post some pics, write a mini review on each piece of gear and/or if you have the ability some sound clips. Sounds like some good gear choices but at least throw up some pics.
This sounds like a good candidate for a UROTM write up.

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