I like it! I really like it, I don't think there's much to criticize

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thanks, I'm glad you like it...
maybe someone else
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The into is incredibly powerful. It would be even larger if you stereo panned that low drum in said intro instead of leave it dead center. Love the guitar tone, how do you record them? The production is really good. Lead guitar came out of nowhere, but it sounds awesome. Beautiful tone, mixed in well with the rest of the instruments, and well-played like the rest of the song.

I would love to hear vocals over this. I think that's why the track sounds a little empty. And again, the pounding drum at the end needs to be bigger. Nice riffs all around. Just fill that empty void with some insane vocals, expand that drum, and you're set. Great quality and a good song. Threw you a follow, man. Keep it up!

thanks to both of you, i will answer your threads soon

@H.H. indeed, the intro drums should be panned, but I was focused more on the rest of number and so...
during recording of guitar I used Ibanez RG470, ESI audio interface, and signal was reamped with well known vst revalver mksomething, its all, hehehe
vocals are something that don't allow me to sleep comfortably, cause I haven't any, maybe one day I will find someone to sing this stuff

thanks again and you are always invited to my souncloud channel and facebook page
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