Hey all.
Couple things I can't decide on for a new bass build I'm in the very early planning stages of.
I am thinking of getting a Warmoth body blank pre-routed and cutting out my shape.
First question is: Which wood? The options are mahogany, swamp ash, and alder. I want to do a translucent stain, so I want some interesting grain patterns. I've like swamp ash in other guitars, so I'm leaning towards that.
Also, do you guys have a better source in the states for a custom routed body blank? I've bought Warmoth before, and I like what I got.

Second is pickups. I am just putting 1 pickup in it. I may get it routed for a music man. Do any of you have opinions on the actual music man pickup or something that fits the rout? I'm not set on the music man, just want to put something different in there. I play mostly rock and metal, I use a fuzz pedal about half the time and like a good low end growl with some smooth mids. (solid state fender amp)

Also, any thoughts on custom neck makers?
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id say go with mahogany. its my favorite grain pattern tbo.

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