Hello everyone! I just want to ask a question about recording guitar directly. I downloaded a demo version of studio devil's amp modeler. Everything was working ok but when i tried to record something on audacity the playback didnt have the effects. What i mean is, the recorded guitar was clean. Pls help

Oh the guitar is directly plugged to the mic port of the pc.

Firstly - Audacity is not ideal for recording music, it's basically a tarted up version of windows sound recorder. If you're on a budget, check out REAPER, it's only $50 and the trial is VERY fair for users.

Secondly - The Mic port of your laptop is not designed to take guitar level audio, nor is there an impedance match. You're more likely to damage the mic port than record a decent sounding guitar. What you need is an interface (you can get something workable for as little as £8, check the interface sticky)

Thirdly - If you want free amp software you're better off with the stuff in the Amp Sims list thread. There are lots of free amp sims that kick the ass of a lot of the paid for stuff.
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