I've played in Hamburg these guitar, and i think it's not bad,
but better for you is to test it by yourself. Neckshape, handling,
weight etc.
Metal is the Law
Why wouldnt it? What matters is if the guitar feels good in your hands or not. And it comes with SD humbuckers though I admit I dont know a thing about Custom Customs and how good they are for metal.

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It's a schecter, these things are absolutely made for metal...
it will work however the pup combo isn't what that style typically uses. you might want to look for a model that sports EMGs.
It's not the best Schecter for metal. Of course, any guitar that is comfortable in your hands can be made to play more or less what ever you'd like -- most of your tone comes from your guitars electronics, your amplifiers, your pedals etc. particularly in metal. That said, your scale length won't be great for dropped tunings, (for example, some of the artist signature Ibanez guitars set for "metal" run at a 25.5" scale length instead of 24.75", and a 15" radius instead of this schecters 14").

For a stock, "metal" schecter I'd look at the new Banshees or something from the Damien line.
Buy a 2nd hand ESP for a grand?
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