Any one know of any artists that use a higher guage for this string? I'm thinking about changing mine out for something higher, just don't care for the sound that much.
So do you mean a thicker gauge or thinner? In either case you need to match all your strings, you can't just make one string thicker without putting additional stress on your neck.

Personally I like thinner gauge on the high's so I use 9's on the E but 10's aren't bad either, can't say I have went any heavier then that.
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^To expand on that...

Let's assume you have a set of '10s (.010, .013, .017, .026, .036, .046). The tension on your neck, assuming the tuning is EADGBE, should be roughly 50kg (or roughly 110 lbs). Now, assume we substitute the .010 for a .009. The tension now becomes roughly 48kg (roughly 106 lbs). Depending on your guitar neck, this may or may not be an acceptable loss of tension.
My guitar uses a fairly standard Fender bolt-on neck design, so losing that amount of tension isn't a huge deal. However, you may need to adjust the truss rod, if you notice any change in the relief of the neck.

I calculated the tensions using http://www.mcdonaldstrings.com/stringxxiii.html.
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