I know i know i know, you guys are probably sick of people bitching about this one but I really would appreciate your help with this one guys. I have an LTD EC 401 with a Floyd Rose Special on it. Now from what I understand, the diff between the special and an Original FR is that the base plate is the same, but the saddles and sustain block are made from zinc. The main issue is that when I pull up on it, the G string goes out of tune sharp. I know its not the nut because I loosened it at the tuner while it was locked down at the nut. I also made sure it was tight at the bridge as well. This is rather frustrating because I specifically bought paid extra money to have this model with the floyd and I find myself not using it because of this issue. Not only that, but my crappy bc right that I got rid of had a "licensed floyd" and I could pull up/dive bomb on that thing all day long with no issue what so ever. Any help would be great.