I've finally had it with constant retuning, so I've decided to keep my guitar in drop B/C# tuning for the time being. The problem with that is that I only now a handful.

The ones I can play at the moment include a few Architects songs, Slipknot, Framing Hanley, Staind and Five Finger Death Punch (kinda... I can't sweep for shit).

Any suggestions along those lines would be great (especially anything similar to Architects, I love their stuff to bits). I'm competent, but no Hendrix (been playing for best part of seven years) and I'd prefer to learn things along the lines of post-hardcore-ish bands like Alexisonfire, letlive., etc., but anything is welcome
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^ like he said, Dark Tranquility

also check out Machine Head (tuned 40 cents sharp) and All That Remains
Beauttttt songs, cheers mate

Heard good things about All That Remains, will check them out.