Hey guys! Black Tar Heroines is my (my name's Cobi Walker, by the way) new band and the music project I'm now pursuing full-time. Heroines' debut EP was just released last night at midnight and I'm really, properly excited about it.

For the record, everything you hear on this EP (and all future Heroines releases) was done by me. I do all of the songwriting, play all the instruments, do all of the vocals, & do all of the production, engineering, mixing, and mastering. Live gigs vary a bit, as I have multiple musicians who join me to back me up and it just varies by the night. Think of it kind of like a NIN-type thing, but in a different genre

As far as the Heroines sound goes, thus far the music on the new Purely Hypothetical EP has drawn comparisons to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Vampire Weekend, The Strokes, Asian Kung Fu Generation, Alice In Chains (due to some of our (my?) vocal harmonies), Jim James, & Tokyo Police Club

Enough pretentious rambling, though. Check out the Purely Hypothetical EP on Spotify here!

The all new BTH Facebook page is conveniently located here

BTH is also on iTunes & SoundCloud

There's never been a better time to get addicted