Older Guild Madeira 12 string P-812 . light wood, mother of pearl inlays. What is the value. Someone one wants to trade it for a dirt bike I have. I am lost when it comes to guitars but my girlfriend loves to play and wants a 12 string. If its a fair trade I would love to make her happy! Any info would be greatly appreciated. She is an advanced player

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A resurrect, back from the dead: I came across this during an internet search and wanted to comment for any other surfers who might charge down this line.

The "P" is Madeira's professional designation---so the P-812 is one of their top 12-strings. Probably had a semi-solid top and laminate sides. I discovered the best information source on Madeira by Guild is an article from AoxoA: https://aoxoa.co/madeira-guild-acoustic-guitar/

According to the article the P-812 cost $465 in 1979. If it was in excellent condition then maybe you could sell one for $200-300 (maybe not). But the p-812 is about 36 years old and might need new frets, a truss rod adjustment, etc... so in that case you'd want to pay less so you can get it fixed.
OK, I'll take the bait on the necro-bump. Many older Guild 12 strings had laminated molded backs as well. This wasn't really a "flaw" at all. The molded back focused the sound, while the lamination allowed bigger guitar sizes. Guild was most famous for its jumbo 12 strings, some, (or all?), of which were (slightly) bigger across the lower bout than the Gibson J-200!

I actually was a member when this thread was created, and I'm not sure how i missed it.

In any case, I owned one of those jumbo twelves (a 1412 maybe, not sure), back about 1993. It was huge. They were shipped with medium (!!) gauge strings! (.053 to .011 or .012), and it had a huge neck.

If I were to answer the TS's question, I would say, "she better be a big strong girl if she wants to manhandle of of those things". The sound from them, was of course superb.

John Denver played a Guild jumbo, and all I can say about that is, "he must have been a lot stronger than he looked". In the following video, his guitar his a guild jumbo, but a thin body, either mahogany or rosewood. The sound is spectacular. Pay attention the how wide the lower bout is.

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Yeah, that jumbo looks huge on Denver. It would be interesting to hear a Guild 12 string vs a Madeira ("by Guild") 12 string just to gauge the quality of Guild's budget line compared to the real deal.