Black Tar Heroines is my (my name's Cobi Walker, by the way) new band and the music project I'm now pursuing full-time. Heroines' debut EP was just released last night at midnight and I'm really, properly excited about it.

For the record, everything you hear on this EP (and all future Heroines releases) was done by me. I do all of the songwriting, play all the instruments, do all of the vocals, & do all of the production, engineering, mixing, and mastering. I'd really, really, really appreciate it if you could check at least some of it out and tell me what you think. I'll happily return the favor!

Here it is on SoundCloud

And here it is on Spotify

OK ive got some wine and im gonna do a crit of your whole EP. I actually listened to it earlier and liked it but didnt have wine so I didnt get around to critting it...ha. Good thing you crit my song! I feel like our styles are similar and not wholly appreciated on this site..

As I listen

Purely Hypothetical - So far, so fun. Opening guitar riff is bouncy and I like it. Drums are solid. Whatever is in the background sounds good too..gives it the fullness which is good contrast when it drops out. First love, wasnt the greatest, but im sure it gave some entertainment is a GREAT OPENING LINE. Vocals are solid. Some sorta accent that I cant place my finger on but it fits. The chorus left me unimpressed to be honest. The verse was so good I was expecting more. Vocals and lyrics continue to be good. "what would you SAY" i would go higher octave on SAY or something. Oooh short I love short songs... other than the chorus everything was good

Mexican Coke - hard rock feel...too classic rock for my style but its got an edge that im not gonna hate on. Chorus is a bit better on this track. Oh, nvm I guess pre chorus. Hmm...I would say the pre chorus and the chorus sounds too similar...leaves the listener confused. Concise and to the point is always better. Occhams razor, music version. On a second listen...the pre chorus functions well. Maybe add some riffage on the chorus to make it unique? Idk...this track wasnt as good as the last one and I would say either you use this as a shot at a single...otherwise it doesnt stand out to me

Hopelessly Hopeful - Intro reminds me of blink 182! haha. Opening line was good again. I disagree with where the music goes melodically after the vocals...rhythmically its good but i would just use different notes. Chorus was good. I would say accent the "on my mi-i-i-nd" "waiting fo-r--r-r" a little more. Solo is functional. Drums are cool with the effect on it. Good energy at the end.

Place Memory - A good switch up on the feel. I would say place this as your second or third song to switch up the vibe sooner on the EP. Sounds very our lady peace with the high notes coupled with the dropped guitar. Vocals are good over the sparse instruments. Also sounds like alice in chains haha. THE ROOSTER!!! Not a bad song, but I think its outside your style. I know thats contrary to what I said earlier but whatever im drunk.

Labyrinth - I like the opening of this. Similar to the previous song. I would recommend using these two songs as a switch up from the other feel songs instead of having it be linear. The ending peice is cool but I think its a mistake to use it only once and only at the end. Id say use it earlier in the song, with vocals, and then solo it out on the end.

Overall comments - Production is great. Your voice fits well. However, I would say focus your efforts on the hard-rock mixed with pop. Your pop sensibilities are very good and I would stick with that and use the alice in chains songs as album material. Id say keep your EP to your first 3 songs. Very cohesive and puts you in an easily likeable territory. I would say I would definitely listen to your band based off Purely Hypothetical. I would enjoy the next two songs but probably wouldnt be enough to keep me interested. The last two songs arent really my style so I wont comment on them.

Since I commented on your whole EP, it would be nice to hear some feedback on mine. I know you critted one of my songs already, but since our styles are similar I would be interested to hear what you would say about my (unfinished) EP. If you decide to, just go ahead and message comments to me or leave them on the other page you commented on. Do as many or as little songs as you please.

Hey! Thanks for listening to our track. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, we've been incredibly busy releasing our own EP actually. I hope you'll have a listen to a few songs from that as well. I'll leave a link on the bottom of this post.

Purely Hypothetical
Alright, this is not my style, I can hear that already. However, everything is very tight, the lyrics are very nice. The guitar riff sounds good and production value is great.

Mexican Coke
Again, production value is top notch. Can't believe you've done all this yourself. It's very similary to Purely Hypothetical, but I'm enjoying this one a lot more. Very simple, raw and aggressive. Also, your vocals really shine in this one.

Hopelessly Hopeful
We're off to a good start here despite the cheesy name :P At this point, the "distant" vocals are getting a little monotonous in my opinion. But I get that this is the style, so that's really just a personal thing. It sounds like you're doing some serious hard limiting here on the drums which make them sound like they're clipping. That might be intentional, I can't really tell. Overall, this one kind of drowned on me. I think it's because we've had three slightly similar songs in a row now.

Hell yeah, liking this one right off the bat. I think this should have been placed as number three instead, would have made Hopelessly Hopeful stand out much more I think. Incredible track. Your vocals have a broken feeling in the lower range. People tend to not like that, but I dig it and try to achieve something like that as well. However, I think the mixing here is subpar compared to the rest. Everything sounds good except the vocals which are drowning here. The guitar response after the vocal phrases are really good.

Alright, that was really really good.

Can definitely hear the shoegaze inspiration here. Awesome track as well. Not sure if I like this one or Place_memory better. Not much to say here, I really like the floaty vocals and the percussion. The ending is ****ing awesome, however it could have easily ended before that as wel. That would have been a nice, but different ending as well.

I'm noticing some issues with the drums bouncing up and down in volume. I think it might be a compression issue. But it's not something that annoys me too much, and the mixing quality is generally very crisp and clear.

I hope you'll have a listen to our EP as well! https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=32385182#post32385182