I can't get my head around on how I should pick this riff. I use economy picking for everything but this is just so...hard isn't even the word I'd use, I just have no idea how to pick this.



I have no problem with that passage at the end of the riff, easy enough:

Its just the notes on the D strings always get caught up with the notes from the A string (C's, D's, B's etc).. and it sounds sloppy.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Forgot to add that those two 2 notes on teh A string are palm muted.
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sounds like you need to work on your muting not picking if the notes are getting mushed together.
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Without having a guitar next to me to try it I would say up down down up down down. Then switch to alternate once you get done with that repeating pattern. It's really just whatever works best for you though.
I thought that part needs a 55 frets guitar to play...
Alternate picking is the way to go. You eventually need alternate picking mix with economy picking anyway.
I always pratice this "3 note grouping with 2 strings" stuff with that "012 013 014 013 0122" riff on Master of Puppets.
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