So, I realized my band needs some more things on stage. Things to stand on, have our logo on them, homemade lights, etc. If anyone has any ideas or ways to create lights and that kind of stuff, itd be great to know
hire a fog machine player
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What amps do you have on stage? Say your guitar player has a half stack make a fake cabinet which you load with lights instead of speakers. If the guitarist has a slant 4x12 cab make a straight one, so it looks as if he had a full stack which always looks nice.
It's pretty cheap and simple to make a cab like that. Just measure your cabinet, get some cheap plywood along with matching tolex and then some par lighting cans. Took three of us about 2 hours making 2 such cabs.
Careful with making up your own lighting. Electricity + beer + amateur hour + wanting to impress the ladies is often a bad combination.

A banner with your name on it is a very good idea. I don't know how many times I've seen a band who I thought was pretty good, and at the end of their set, I still had no idea who they were.

The downside of production is that it takes up room. Let's say you made a drum riser with some cool ramps that came up and flanked either side. Where are you going to store that stuff? How are you going to get it to the gig and back? What are you going to do when the so-called "stage" at the venue is just way too small to support it - or stuck in a corner and totally the wrong shape to fit it?

I'm not saying "don't do it." Just that you have to give all this stuff consideration.

"It seemed like a good idea at the time."

Renting lights is usually cheaper - even in the long run - than buying your own.

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