Alright there - been playing guitar a while now; am getting OK overall but some parts I just don't get

can nail down open and barre chords, but seeing other players doing random chords further down the fret that aren't barre confuses me..

what are they? How do you learn them / know what to play?

I know this is a basic question but part of the learning process is realising what you don't know, and then trying to learn it

so basically any tips for entering that world of different shapes/power type chords down the fret?

like i said beginner here, so any tips/explanations would be ace

You don't need to play barre chords high on the neck to play chords. It's all quite easy to understand once you know a bit of theory. Because of that reason I'm not gonna go all into theory but instead i'll give you an example..

This is an E minor chord:


This is also an E minor chord:


My biggest tip and the tip everyone else should give you - Learn Theory.
I can't exactly just teach it to you in this post, you need to be willing to learn it yourself. Sure i could tell you why they're both E minor, but you probably wouldn't retain the knowledge the same way you would when taking the initiative to learn yourself.
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Like the poster above me said, music theory will definitely help with your question. I was in the same boat and once I learned how chords were constructed and how to figure out the notes on the fretboard it made a lot more sense.

As long as you can find the first, third, and fifth of a chord you can play it anywhere on the neck. At certain points it will be inverted but should still have the same notes.

Of course the same goes for chords other than major/minor triads, too.
Thanks, appreciate it...

any books or whatnot to get properly on top of theory??
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Thanks, appreciate it...

any books or whatnot to get properly on top of theory??

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