I run an Epi Les Paul into an old Fender Twin. I play a lot of stuff, mostly 90s Alt Rock/Grunge but sometimes Sludge and Stoner rock. I've got a Big Muff for the heavy stuff but I'm looking for a crunchy middle of the road distortion. Something that won't go as far as a Muff but does a little more than say a Tubescreamer. If it also sounded good boosting the muff that would be a plus.

I used to have a Whiteface Proco Rat that did this really well but I sold it, which was a mistake to say the least. Don't have the money to get a good one anymore, and I really don't like the new chinese made rats. I'm trying not to spend more than 60-70 bucks, but if I had to I could stretch it out to maybe a hundred.

Any suggestions?
if you are a DIY guy you can build a kit yourself for ~60 bucks.

i was going to recommend an MXR distortion+ or a rat.


maybe a soulfood for boosting your amp. the rat on there is only like 65 bucks.
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The rat would work well.

My favorite way to do that as of late is to stack a Danelectro Cool Cat OD and a Bad Monkey. And i dont like stacked pedals usually, but these seem to work well together.
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I love the a Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde, but they're $150, new.

However, Guitar Center has 3 used ones in their system right now, for $80 apiece.
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I've tried building my own pedals before, the only one I could get to work was the Confidence Booster. Anything more complicated messed me up.

I'd considered either the MXR Distortion + or even the Distortion III, although I heard the new MXR Distortion + isn't very good.

edit: I've also considered a Boss SD-1, mostly because I see them going for about $30-$40 used.
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