Very Bloodhound Gang-ish. The intro could be much more solid. It's too loose. I'd add a second guitar and stereo mix the two of them, because this would be better with a larger sound. It's a good song with potential. THe last line "and that's how good neighbors.." is used too much. A bit distracting. Fun and interesting song though. I like your guitar tone, and the bass/drums keep the song moving. Some good rapping too.

Even though I'm not typically fond of rap, the gal does a good job. Vocals come through clear. I suggest turning down the distortion a bit & double-track the rhythm guitars (and pan them left & right).........oops I didn't see that HH said the same thing for the most part. I agree the 'good neighbors' line gets repeated a bit too much. Good job overall. Perhaps you could review my music: done by a white guy, with 'black vocals' at this link:

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