Finalised the recording of this piece last weekend. Pretty happy with the mix, but perhaps some tips and tricks could improve it?

Heart of Ammit (Lake of Fire) by Kha

Have a listen and tell me what you think - and provide a link to your own work so I can try to repay your efforts!

Here's the lyrics to it:

Heart of Ammit (Lake of Fire)
At the outset, I was armed to my teeth, with aspiration as well as will
And by studying I would learn no thing, and by practicing I'd experience no thing
And so I have nothing to crown my relentless quest - an endless sorrow over a cause
that was lost
I stare into the bottomless darkness where neither reason nor faith can save me
Only one word, of many, of all in the one: none
Lake of Fire, devourer of the dead, she ate my hate filled heart
Lake of Fire, devourer of the dead, she ripped my soul apart

©2014 Kha
Your guitar tones are sick, especially when those leads are thrown in. The vocals are solid, especially those lows. The highs aren't what i'd normally like, but for this style, it fits so well. Drums are beast. I think the snare seems a bit too thin at times though. 1:35 is definitely the best part of this track besides for the end leads. Would like to hear vocals over the tremolo picking at 3:15. Awesome tune, man. Keep it up!

C4C? Not brutal is any way, but it would be greatly appreciated.