Greetings from South Africa,

I`d like to share a link to my SoundCloud page, which contains 3 tracks at the moment. I want to ask you guys and girls, if you`d please follow me on SoundCloud, listen to my tracks, and if you`re feeling particularly happy today and would like to make my day, leave a comment and/or like as well, please. I`d be happy to do the exact same thing for each and every one of you, I am feeling particularly happy today, so I`ll be happy to check out everyone`s original stuff, comment, like and tell you what I think.

Please note : I try to make my recordings as professional as I`m able to, I do not have a lot of knowledge in Sound Engineering (though I`m planning to do a course soon) and I record digitally through my Fender Mustang II amp and then mix and master it to the best of my abilities.

Also, I do not really have a pet lion, I was just making a joke. I`m aware that most people outside Africa, that had never been to Africa, have a very one dimensional mindset on what it`s like living in Africa. For those who are interested, it is indeed very civilized here and yes, I`m white. Had plenty people ask me before "If you`re from Africa, how come you`re white?".

My SoundCloud page : https://soundcloud.com/andre-gabriel-coetzee/tracks
There's some really good guitar playing there, I like Serenity a lot. Nice harmonics.
The softer guitar sound a bit dry, perhaps a tad reverb? I would perhaps also lower the drums a bit, they sound a little too prominent for me.
Nice work though, thanks for sharing.