may I ask your help to wire 2 HBs and an import 5 way switch.

I'd like to have full bridge HB in position 1, both full HBs in 2-3-4, full neck HB in 5 (hence I don't think I need a super switch).

I tried to search into the web with no luck.

Thank you in advance.

Why not just use a 3 way? Is it a mounting issue? Is it a blade or a toggle?
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Quote by ryanbwags
Why not just use a 3 way?

why not do something cool, like (from 1 to 5) Full bridge hum-Bridge hum and split neck-both-full neck and split bridge-full neck?

you got alot of options if you want a 5way switch. use it!

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thank you for your replies.
the 3 way switch is slightly narrower than the 5 way one and I don't want to change the mounting screws positions.

as per the reply of abyssspecter, to get the options you describe I need a super switch and there is no space enough to mount it.
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