This Easter will mark 50 years from buying and playing my first guitar and I'm pretty sure it was a Selmer 222, which cost 8 guineas (£8.40). I was lucky in that for a fairly cheap guitar it had a good action so I learnt fairly quickly, and I'm still playing 2 or 3 times a week. Now I've done a search for a Selmer 222 but all that comes up is either a three quarter size nylon string guitar or a Selmer/Maccaferi type instrument. I remember it being an ordinary acoustic, steel strung guitar - though memory may be playing tricks and it was another number - 888 perhaps. Does anyone have any information on Selmer guitars around the mid 60s?
From 50 years ago? Sadly not. I've got a blurred photo my father took of me from the back of a dark room, but that's all. These days, with camera phones, there are probably more photos of me from the past couple of months than my first 10 or 11 years.
Anyway I'm combining a concert we're putting on Easter Sunday with my 50 years of playing and one of my daughters in law is making a guitar shaped cake for it - would at least be good to get the model number right.
I shall keep looking for info. Thanks for asking, though.
I looked out the old photo and it wasn't quite as bad as I remembered. I still don't know whether it will be of help though.