Hello fellow guitarists!

Having spent many years learning guitar from the internet, I've decided to set up a blog of guitar lessons because I've found that great lessons online are often far apart and require searching out. Because it's still in the early stages, I want to get some feedback from other people who've been learning online. So here are some questions:

1. What kind of lessons do you feel I should put up i.e. technique, theory, etc.?

2. Should I do video lessons?

3. Should I do lessons on songs and solos?

Any other things you can think of that would make great lessons would be much appreciated =) Here's a link to the blog for those that are curious:

Have a look at Justin Guitar. His lessons are free to all, however he does ask for donations if you find something of value. His site is also easy to find and complete.

I'm not saying that you're incapable of teaching or that your technique is bad, however it's been my general impression that self-taught guitarists are more prone to having poor technique and that poor technique gets passed onto unsuspecting students. Case in point... My brother also plays guitar and has played longer than I have. He probably has 20+ years of gigging experience under his belt. He's tried on numerous occasions to pick up jobs teaching guitar. Unfortunately, he's never made it past the interview stage, because his technique is poor - he's self-taught. I took lessons for over six years. I'm not saying that I play any better than him, but I have taught guitar lessons.

Good luck with your website and be careful posting links around here. Make sure you check the rules to verify that it's allowed. Hate to see you get banned, as you're brand new to U-G.
Please don't advertise your website in the forums, or conduct market research for it
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