I'm getting a great deal on a Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster - the one that looks like a 69' Thinline for SUPER CHEAP.

I'm basically getting it as a blank canvas to do some things to.
- Surf Green body
- Creme binding
- Refret
- Lollar single in the bridge
- p90 in the neck
- Bigsby b5

The big thing that's really going to set it off, is the custom pick guard a friend is making me.
He said he could do it if I could get him a clear pick guard.

1. I'm pretty sure it'd be easier to get a clear pick guard made for a Fender MiM 69. I know that, generally, Squiers and the MiM pick guards don't really work together - or so I've read.
Has anyone had any experience with this particular guitar and guard?

2. Can anyone tell me a good place that could produce for me a clear pick guard with the specs of the Squier guard so I can get it to Mark?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.