Hi I just recorded this a couple days ago, its just live improv over a "80's power ballad" track, I dont think its very good but I could use some feed back, I know I should of slowed down more in some parts and showed more emotion but I decided to end the track early because my wrist was really hurting, what could I improve on? Did you like it? How does it sound to you? I only really started to take the guitar seriously this year and I am learning more theory to go beyond the blues scale and pentatonic scales, I also added some cheesy effects with vegas pro 11 and edited the track a little bit with ableton live 9, let me know what you think! Thanks! p.s watch in HD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v05TSsKA6CI
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Cut down on the effects a bit, a lot of the notes aren't recognizable. Diversify your licks a bit more, most of the licks were quite standard pentatonic licks with no real difference in rhythm. Add in more notes outside of the pentatonic, put more emphasis on the rhythm and timing of each notes rather than just playing straight triplets/quadruplits. It's cool to be able to play up and down fast and tap fast, but you should mess around with different intervals and sequences rather than just going straight up or straight down. Other than that I think the flow of the solo could improve, there are parts where it'll be kinda slow, then all of a sudden your tapping at full speed, kinda disconnected if you ask me. Well that may have been a bit harsh, but those are all the areas where I can see possible improvement.
^ I agree, cut back on the effects a bit. I think you should try to create kind of a motif, so like a basic melody, then reiterate it and build up and go crazy whether with some interesting version of it, say in a different position, or some faster licks.
I thought it was pretty good merks. I like the sound and melody you played. Would be an awesome solo for a really mellow song.