HELP on my Rouge bass it has four knobs and one is loose. yes it sounds normal but when i opend the back to find why there was no way to fix it.
Also my bass came with two allen wrenches and i have yet to find what theyre for any one know?
Is the knob loose or the is one of the volume or tone pots loose?

If its just the knob that's loose get some new ones. A lot of the push on knobs aren't the greatest sometimes.

If its the actual pot that's loose there is generally a nut that needs to be tightened to fix it. Either right under the knob or inside the controlled panel accessed through the back.

In regards to the Allen wrenches they are most likely to adjust the saddles on the bridge and to adjust the truss rod.
well its a volume knob and its the whole thing thats loose but the other three are just fine