Some days i can play extremely fast and some days i cant. Today i was having an extremely hard time simply palm mute strumming the E string twice and playing a note on the A string. I get stuck and cant go between the 2. its very frustrating. does it have to do with weight lifting i do? i noticed my arms were quite swollen and red while playing. im wondering what could have caused that. i don't play right after the gym. does everyone have bad days. i don`t know how i can play in a band if i have days like these- thanks!
Yes it has to do with weight lifting almost sure. I did test it actually! I wasted about a year pull ups push ups everyday i thought it helped my playing at first because you see the great players all have huge hands but they developed these by playing a lot lol weight lifting makes your hands thicker, fingers stiffer and bigger and calloused in the wrong places for guitar playing (palm) which doesnt help dexterity. I couldnt keep up with my friend (who doesnt weighgt train) playing stuff i used to play very good thats when i stopped literally in one day I was back to woodsheding practicing all the time. If you want to be a virtuoso I believe weight lifting is out the question play sports that dont require gripping very much wear gloves I hope I could help you my friend.
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