So I'm a little bit new to playing the guitar, so I obviously don't know even close to everything about guitar. Usually though, I can look things up and get answers somewhat easily... But I have a question about my guitar specifically and it may seem like a dumb question but like I said, don't know a lot about guitars yet... Anyway, I've been playing for a few months and I recently for Christmas got an Epiphone Les Paul Traditional Pro (with a nice heritage cherry sunburst finish). Obviously, this guitar has those traditional old trapezoid inlays you see on these kinds of guitars. They're cool and all, but I'd really like to get the "Tree Of Life" fretboard inlay on my guitar like Steve Vai uses on his Ibanez Jem Evo because it does look really cool and nice... On any guitar for that matter. I've seen videos of people just getting the stickers of the tree of life inlay and putting it on easy, but all these people have the default dot inlay on their guitars, and the tree of life inlay sticker goes right over these dots and it looks nice. Because of my trapezoid inlays, I can't apply the tree of life sticker successfully... So what do I do?
get a neck, inlay it yourself if your good with woodworking/a router.

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Since the guitar you have has a glued-in neck, it will be very difficult to change the neck or the fretboard. Getting the fretboard off of the Les Paul will be nigh impossible without completely overhauling the guitar.

All in all, I think it would be a lot cheaper to wait until you can afford a guitar with tree-of-life inlays, or alternatively a guitar with dots and stickers.
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As it has already been said, it's a troublesome modification and it seems to me that you're too inexperienced in guitar modding/woodworking to be able to do it yourself successfully right now.

If you feel it's something you'd be willing to pay to get it done, the best option is to take the guitar to a good luthier so he can do the custom job for you. But be aware that it's going to be pretty expensive.
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Your best bet would be to save up and buy the guitar itself. Redoing the inlays is probably going to cost more than the guitar is even worth.
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Thanks you guys, I'm sure you're all right when you say either it's not worth it and to get another guitar later on with this inlay built in, or to see a professional if I'm that into the idea. It's good to hear opinions from some other more experienced people before I make a dumb decision and mess my guitar up.
one "way" of doing it is to paint the fretboard black (flat black) and put some tree of life fret board stickers on then clear coat it and rub the shine of...not the best way but it does work and looks "ok"
I've never thought about just painting the frets black... How well would this work? Could it potentially "ruin" the guitar if I were to do that
Painting the fingerboard black would be a heinous crime. Dying it would be vaguel acceptable, but only if you want to make it look like ebony - the original inlays would show through.

IMHO, it would ruin the guitar. There's no way it could look acceptable.