I'm feeling pretty baffled/overwhelmed/mistrusted right now. Last year, one of my bandmates started bugging me to make them and everyone else in the band admins on our Facebook page. It didn't seem like a big deal at the time, but I avoided it for a variety of reasons, mainly because I don't need help updating the Facebook page, but when I do need help in other capacities no one steps up. I don't want my bandmates sitting around on the internet and calling it "helping," when none of them are willing to go out and have posters printed, then do the footwork of hanging the posters in different shops and venues that allow us to hang them.

I founded the band, stoked our style and cultish sensibility, and for the first year or more (we've just celebrated our three year anniversary) I did ALL of the marketing and promoting. I'm constantly reading books and online articles about managing a band, surviving a tour, using the internet/social media as a promotional tool, etc., and I try to share the best tips I pick up with my bandmates. They, on the other hand, are dismissive of marketing and branding, and just don't seem interested in the sorts of responsibilities I think go along with being an admin for a band's online presence. The past couple months, this issue has gone from one bandmember demanding admin status to ALL of my bandmates (except one, who's not on Facebook, which I think proves my point that this little badge of honor is meaningless) haranguing me to be made admins.

Any advice? I don't want my band to be a dictatorship, but I still want it to be acknowledged that I started the band and am the bandleader. I don't see the need for 6 Facebook admins- also, the few times (maybe four or five times?) they've asked me to post something to the Facebook page, I've complied- I've never refused to share anything they felt needed sharing. This has exploded into a huge band fight, and I'm really frightened. Has anyone experienced anything like this, who can impart some wisdom? Thank you!

TL;DR- My bandmates want to be Facebook page admins, and I don't know why, because they don't seem to care about how social media/marketing works, and also shirk other responsibilities I ask them to help with. I feel like they don't trust me, and like they're placing too much emphasis on this little internet status defining their value within the band.
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Just make them admins dude. So they become admins and don't do anything. That's fine, no need to fight over it.

I guess your real issues are:

1. Why are you so protective over the admin thing, if you're sure it won't change anything?

2. You need to sit down with your bandmates about how you feel you are doing all the work.
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To me, your problem seems to be that you don't trust them and you like to be "the one that does everything in the band". Being in a band and growing should be fun, for everyone. It seems like you want to be some kind of "leader" or "most important person" in the band and that is not the way to go. It creates tension and it won't do you band any good.

Instead, do everything together with them. Come up with solutions for them "not doing anything" and work together instead. Give them admin rights, promote together and just have fun doing it.
Don't make them admins. Explain to them the situation. Why does it take 'x' amount of people to update a single page? The answer is... It doesn't. If they want you to post something, tell them to ask you and you'll post it.

It seems to me like a control thing, everyone wants to be equals in a situaion like that ofcourse but everyone seems to think that their piece is the smallest.

It happened with my band. The drummer made a Facebook page for us. The singer immediately wanted to be Admin, so the drummer made me, the second guitarist and the bassist admin (even though we didn't want to be knowing what the situation would bring). Before long 3 members were making posts on the page, deleting eachothers posts, etc. It got to the point where we had 20 posts on the page in a day. We weren't even that popular... 500 likes on our page at best, it's not like we were big. The singer soon wanted to be the only Admin which then caused the band to split over 'control'.

I think the best thing a band can do is get a friend, someone from outside the band to host the page for you guys, that way bickering is at a minimal over a silly Facebook page.
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If you're going to be the band manager right now, you need to lay down the law without fighting. Have you ever noticed that respected members of authority don't scream and yell at people, but always get exactly what they want by being firm and steadfast? If you really don't want them to be admins, then you need to firmly tell them "No", followed by something to the effect of "that's final/we're done here". It's all about not losing your cool, because that's when you lose your power. Sort of the old 'iron fist in a velvet glove' thing.
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Just let them admins, what's the worst that can happen? It sounds like it would help band relations, boss-man.

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It's not worth a "huge band fight".

The Admin status on FB doesn't seem like the real issue here. The real issue seems to be you're pissed that they aren't helping with other things. Which is the reason you think they don't deserve to be admins.

My advice would be to get over it. If you are looking for more recognition or credit than the rest of the band it makes you look bad dude. No matter what the other details are.
I don't know, some people don't have a knack for behaving properly in public. If your bandmates are the type of people that make drunk posts on the internet, then problably dont't make them admins.
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I'm not trying to insult you or anything by this, but are you by any chance defensive about your admin status and managerial duties because you don't contribute to the music side of the band? Because honestly, i don't see the bad thing in giving them admin status. We have 3 admins on our facebook page, and only me and the drummer post, him much less than me. We actually have quite a nifty thing going on, i contribute most if not all of the music, and i do all the graphical design and such, and he manages the gigs and so on. I mostly post on our facebook because i'm the one producing fresh content, he posts about upcoming gigs. The other two guys show up any play .

Also, i kinda understand why they would want facebook admin privileges. Maybe one of them demo's a song and wants to put it up to hype up the people, but they have to send it to you, and then you have to upload it, and its just a hassle and takes a lot of time. Maybe they want to post pics of bandpractice or whatever. Maybe they feel you manage the page badly, and don't wanna tell you. That's actually the main reason i wanted to be the admin, because the previous guitarists ran the page pretty bad. Or maybe they just wanna feel equal.

All in all, i think you have to loosen up a bit, and give them their admin statuses, just to get this over, and also, ask them why they don't help you with managing (eventough it seems like you enjoy doing that...). Of course all of this is unimportant if you also do all of the songwriting and other stuff. Then they are just assholes.
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