What would the best place for a first gig be? Pub or club? Also, can we advertise ourselves as a cover band although we play original songs and covers? I would think that most places have a back line available but should I rent amps because I only have a mustang 1 and another guitar so I was thinking about renting an amp and another guitar just in case. Just wanted a few answers from you seasoned giggers.
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Do an open mic night. You're obviously pretty early in your gigging career, and open mic night crowds are generally pretty friendly.

As for the originals/covers thing, you're going to have to decide at some point whether you're one or the other. Once you decide this, you can focus on getting the appropriate amount of material (45 mins for originals, 4 hours for covers) and start getting gigs from there.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
I was planning on playing cover songs at pubs for fun/ funding our studio(rehearsal time) or recording time and gear. I still have my first guitar and a practice amp. But open mic nights would be good. I just don't know where they have open mics here. A bit off topic, but how much would a bar/pub pay for a typical 4hour gig ? Also, do cover bands need to send a demo to a place?
Don't know where you are but like in anyother business getting paid depends on what you bring to the plate and how much you need to do. If your bringing the PA, backline, lights and gear that certainly brings up the price....and if your playing a 4 hour set rather than a 2 hour that should also be considered.

Since your beginners I'm thinking you all need to be happy if you get gas money and a meal to begin with.....but never ever go back when playing.....the establishment should be putting out for PA rental, soundtech. and other costs that might be needed. Make sure the owners know this is a one time advertising deal and if your any good they'll ask you too come back and pay you.

Another little hint is to find out which establishments have live music and go there, have a look at there set-up and even talk with some of the bands and see what the standard rate of pay is around town. If you find some joint that has a thriving music scene, talk with the owners/booking managers and explain where your coming from and hopefully they might even be able to help you and give you some advice. Remember there are thousands of guitar totin' wannabes that are looking for a stage so don't expect to get paid until you've paid your dues.
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open mic nights is defo a good idea, its generally always what I've done when starting with a new band. Gets some gig experience, and some early feedback as to what works and what does not. they would usually also have a back line.
As also suggested, start working out what places have live music, and just chance your luck in asking for gigs. Equipment wise, you wont be playing a stadium at first, so decent enough amps and a simple PA for vocs will get you through. To save on rental costs, do you know anyone you can borrow from at first ? However, if its working and your getting gigs, then you need to save the cash and get some decent gear.

Anyway - good luck
this might be a bad comparison but a first gig is a lot like your first ****.

No matter how much you prepare, you're going to suck at it. No matter how much you and your friends hype yourselves up to it, you're going to suck. No matter how much alcohol you consume beforehand, you're going to suck. No matter who's there, no matter where you are, you are going to suck.

A lot of bands have the mentality that the first gig needs to be a big explosion, a big event with tons of people, in the biggest venue possible with as much fanfare and crowd as you can muster.

This is a horrible idea because... you guessed it... you're going to suck.

My advice is to find a place where you can suck quietly for a few gigs. There needs to be some people there to give you the feel of the thrill but they CAN'T be potential fans because you're going to suck.

Once you've sucked for a few gigs, then you can start thinking about finding bigger venues and actually start making efforts to bringing in people and advertising.

When some girl is slobbing on your knob, do you really care if it's her first ringer or her 50th? No you just care if she's biting off your **** or squeezing your balls too hard.
^^^ Ok that's a weird comparison. I'll also point out that your first gig doesn't have to be crap, but your show will definitely get better as you play more gigs.

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A bit off topic, but how much would a bar/pub pay for a typical 4hour gig ? Also, do cover bands need to send a demo to a place?

Vaires on both accounts. Where I live the local suburban pubs may only have you walking away with $400-$600, others you can be walking away with $2,000+ depending on the night. Having demos is always a good idea. Its not always required, but they would like some sort of proof that you aren't crap berore they book you.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Technically not my first gig. First gig with a band. First gig was in a school talent show ~100 people. Played through a 12 watt frontman. It was a disaster.
. That was way more than I was expecting.
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