What would be a good no fuzz book for a beginner guitar player?. im lookin at guitar for dummies & justingguitars beginner course. are they good?
Justinguitar is a good starting point.

I'd recommend Troy Stetina's books, but it depends on what you want to learn.
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Depends on what you want I guess. Rather than a book you may be better off with a DVD course which includes written material as part of the package. Gibson's Learn And Master Guitar is good but the best I've seen is Scott West's Absolutely Understand Guitar. He explains things very well starting off with the guitar being a typewriter and the notes in the scales being letters to spell words (chords).

The best course I've seen regarding music theory, if you're planning on writing your own stuff then his Musical Slide Rule is worth its weight in gold.

I think it's so good because the way it's been filmed it's more personal, it appears to be uncut and unscripted so it's more like listening to a 'real' teacher.
Troy Stetina's books are good, i have total guitar and speed mechanics.
Might as well get a scale book, too. Those help a lot when learning and understanding the fundamentals of guitar.
I'd try to get something that's a course, in order. While books on specifics topics are good once you have some idea of what you're doing and what you want to improve about your playing, having something at the start which teaches you in a sensible order is probably a good idea, and removes a lot of the guesswork.
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