I was looking for a stand suitable with nitro lacquer finishes but I couldn't fine one that I liked enough. Then I saw the Quicklok GS436 (click for link) and wondered if it would do the job. I called the company and asked the guy. He contacted the guitar specialist and he told him it would be fine for sure and that he'd never heard of guitar stands that damages finishes. The first part of the answer pleased me but the second part made me doubt his knowledge. I know the tricks of covering the stand with cotton etc. but I prefer not to cover my stand.

Any experience with this particular stand? Or am I being a pussy and should I just put the guitar in the stand and not doubt? I bought the stand, but just want to be sure before I regret my decision
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Man, I just dont think anyone really knows, so nobody's posting. So I'll speculate a bit.

However, I don't think your guitar having a nitro finish will make it THAT fragile. I'd say you'll be absolutely fine, go for it. I've owned similar stands, and never had a problem.
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