Hey all!

I'm having issues with a grip from an Alter Bridge song. I tried different ways of grabbing it, but nothing seems to work for me. Can anyone do this grip, take a picture and show it to me? Or at least say where u put each finger.

Grip attached to post

Ignore the white notes.

Thanks in advance!
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Just tried with my thumb on the 6th string. It seems to be the best solution i've found out so far.
I'm at work now, so I have no guitar with me. Just looking at the notes you've posted, I'd say the guitar is a half step flat, with the high E string dropped a step lower than the rest of the guitar. If you tune it down a half step the note on the low string would be an open note, the a# would be the second fret on the A string, and this chord would be an easier shape to grab. the high string may not actually need to be tuned down, as it's just doubling the note on the B string. If the song needs the low E drop tuned, you would just bar the low three strings on the second fret add the third fret on the B string and leave the G open.

Finding the right tuning can be a real pain sometimes.
I'm not sure, but i don't really think there is any alternative tuning to this song. The song plays in


Of course i can change the notes for just that one chord, but it would **** up everything else, and it would be a nightmare for me to rewrite the whole song.

Thanks anyway!