So far on my electric guitar build I'm at the point at which I'll be cutting the actual body out and as everything has progressed several color schemes have come up. My Dad had suggested that I do a burst, I was thinking of matte black. And lastly my friend Benjamin brought up the idea of a wild scheme where the back/sides of the body is matte black with white binding around the edges and the top is mirror blue. The top would be its own piece of acrylic material.

The overall design is based on a telecaster but with Gibson sound. I'm using a soapbar 9-90 at the neck and a humbucker at the bridge.
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I don't mean to sound like a jerk, but what's the question?

Even if it's just "which of these should I do?" we need a bit more info about the guitar
different colours front and sides sounds cool, I'd prefer that over a regular burst or flat finish. If you're building your own thing, you may as well make it kind of unique
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