Nice man, that's a really nice song.

Is all English folk like that kind of sound, or are there any more upbeat ones?

I also found a few more examples:



I've got really into playing with a lot of people recently and getting everybody singing. So I'm looking for songs with catchy choruses that sound amazing when harmonised. Also songs that are quite upbeat. So that second song I posted I will make more upbeat when I play.

This is probably too personal a description, but if anybody could think of any more songs that would be great!

No, not all English folk is that sad haha, I just don't really know any good singalongs really, all of the good ones I can think of are American in origin.

This guys English, still an American song though.

EDIT: some good English stuff that might be more what you're after
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Check out a lot of Jerry Garcia's acoustic work. Has a lot of early American roots. Namely, the album "Almost Acoustic" or the "Pizza Tapes"

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