I am going to be investing in a pedalboard faily soon and am looking at power requirements for all of my pedals and honestly I am a little confused. Take for instance this Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus Universal Power Supply

I’ve got about 6 pedals now but I plan on getting at least 3 more in the near future. I see that it only has 8 outlets, does this really mean that I can only power 8 devices for 169$? If so, that seems a little crazy to me. Are you able to daisy chain say 3 pedals per outlet? If that’s the case then I can understand, I just didn’t see from the description the total mA it supports per outlet/total.
yeah you can daisy chain, as far as i'm aware.
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You can always daisy chain. The benefit to having 8 outlets like that is that they are isolated, so it cuts down on noise that can result from daisy chaining some (not all) pedals to others. Sometimes pedals do unpredictable things when you link their power supplies.

So yeah, if your pedals don't mind being daisy chained, you could have dozens of them chained off that one power supply (depending on their power consumption).

Daisy chaining is something of an art. For instance, dirt pedals often have very low draw so you can daisy chain tons of them together, but they also tend to be sensitive to noise. Digital pedals won't get noisy from other pedals (usually) but they have the highest current draw so you can't chain as many of them, and they are usually the worst offenders for injecting noise into other pedals' supply. So often, if possible, it's ideal to chain, say, your tuning pedal, two distortions you never use at the same time, and a reverb pedal. That frees up space to put your digital delay on its own branch so it doesn't mess with the others. That sort of thing. 8 isolated outputs is generally plenty for most boards. That PP2+ is sort of the gold standard for decent iso power supplies.
Thanks for the replies. I just looked up the specs of the pedals I have and they draw a total of 237mA. I figured I could daisy chain but wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of an isolated power source in the first place? I have been reading up on power supplies and see that people have problems with noise from daisy chaining but I can’t justify spending that much money on 8 outlets. I will have about 9-10 pedals when I finish up saving enough to purchase them and am looking for the best way to power them without having to spend a ton.
Think about it this way - the number of potential one-on-one interactions for noise (where one pedal interferes with the power supply of another) is N(N-1), where N is the number of pedals you have on the same chain. Punch some numbers in and you can see how it gets out of hand in a hurry. One pedal obviously has zero possible interactions; two pedals still only have two. But three pedals have 6, 4 have 12, and by the time you get to 9 pedals you have 72 and at 10 pedals you have 90 possible interactions! Obviously, not all of the interactions will cause significant noise, but you can see why daisy chains are often viable with small boards and disastrous on large ones.

The purpose of daisy chaining, say, two pedals per outlet on an 8-iso supply is that there you only have 16 possible interactions, whereas those same 16 pedals on a single daisy chain gives you 240. So even if you're still daisy chaining some pedals, you can see why you're better off by isolating as many outputs as possible.

If you're even more careful about your routing, you can maximize the benefit even further. Say you have 9 pedals, and one of them is a simple A/B/Y switch. We can assume that it won't interact with the other pedals because it is just an LED. If you have a daisy chain, you'd just subtract it's number from N to reduce the possible interactions. So you'd still have 56 possible interactions, down from 72. But! Let's say you have an 8-isolated power supply. Now you can daisy chain that tuner with another pedal, and keep everything else on its own outlet. You now have 2 non-interacting pedals on one isolated outlet, and 7 on their own isolated outlets. So you have zero potential interactions, down from 56! So you can probably see why it's so powerful to have isolated outlets even if you don't isolate every single pedal from every other one.

If you can't justify spending that much money on an isolated supply, that's fine - you can make your own informed decisions about your gear. It's certainly not necessary for everyone, but hopefully you can understand why they are so popular even though it's a very un-sexy way to spend $160. My suggestion is, get a one-spot with a daisy chain. It's $25, it will power everything, and if you're comfortable with the amount of noise you get with it then you've saved a bunch of money. If it becomes too noisy at some point, then you'll know it's time to bite the bullet and get a multi-iso supply.
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specs: http://www.voodoolab.com/pedalpower_2.htm

The first 4 outs on this one has 100mA per out. You could probably daisy chain 2-3 pedals on average. Altought, you might get noise when daisy chaining. I just cant get clean sound when I daisy chain.

Glad this was posted - I would've never thought to look up the specs of my PP2+ (got it used and was never much of a pedal user before), I thought it only did 9v, never realized you could chain two outputs together and get 18v or 24v operation. I was looking to swap out some of the pedals on my board and was specifically looking at 9v pedals, cause I thought that's all the PP2+ could do. Now I so excite I can run a DMM off it
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