Not so long ago I had no faith in my life,
lost so many things before including my wife.

All the pain and suffering I felt within is now my muse,
at least that's one thing I didn't lose.

Knowing the ring is off and time has gone,
finding your love for me was never strong.

If love is used in past tense it was never there,
showing how much you never cared.

Lost all grip with reality needing your hold the most,
this evil took over my body acting as its host.

Alone broken and destroyed waiting for the end,
slowly developing a plan to mend.

From the pieces of my old world creating a new,
starting over inside without any part of you.

Rebuilt my psyche making something worth while,
finding new passions creating my new smile.

The anguish is now turned into sound,
this group is better than I could have found.

Remember every song I put thought into,
no matter the sound I will always play for you.
Good lyrics, I didn't understand how you split it when you will sing it?

well done